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Stock Bag

We store large quantity of stock bags (side gusset bags with or without internal BOSCH aroma protection valve) in our warehouses both in Germany and Switzerland. Since 2010, we added stand-up pouches to our assortment. The side gusset bags are offered in four sizes and four different colors. We offer stand-up pouches in two sizes / one color. A small amount of 1'500 - 2'000 bags can be ordered easily. The delivery takes place within 3-5 working days.

Our bags with PET/ALU/PE are suitable for packing coffee, tea, pet food, powder brands (food / non-food) or cereals. The stand-up pouches are equipped with a convenient zipper for closure.

side gusset bag

stand-up pouches

packed in PE-bag

delivered in carton


Stock Bag Ordering

If you are interested in our stock bags, price lists including fax order form could be obtained by contacting us. Customers can placed orders easily by sending us email or fax using the fax form from CONBUS.

Ordering via email: Please indicate the exact invoice and delivery address, client no. (if available) as well as the article no. and quantity. Clients within the EU (not Germany) need to provide additionally the UID/VAT number.

Article no.
Article no
  Side Gusset Bag
  Side Gusset Bag
GO2501 250g gold without valve SM5004 500g silver with valve
GM2502 250g gold with valve SCM500 500g black with valve
SO2503 250g silver without valve RM500 500g red with valve
SM2504 250g silver with valve GO10001 1000g gold without valve
SCM250 250g black with valve GM10002 1000g gold with valve
RM250 250g red with valve SO10003 1000g silver without valve
GO5001 500 gold without valve SM10004 1000g silver with valve
GM5002 500g gold with valve SCM1000 1000g black with valve
SO5003 500g silver without valve RM1000 1000g red with valve
SM5004 500g silver with valve SM30004 3000g silver with valve
    SCM250matt 250g black matt with valve
    SCM500matt 500g black matt with valve
    SCM1000matt 1000g black matt with valve
      Stand-up Pouches
    SCM250SUP 250g black with valve
    SCM500SUP 500g black with valve



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