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Cooperation Partners

Factories in China (premade bag)

Our strategic partner is an advanced, innovative manufacturing company and has a turnover of over € 100 million per year.

The quality assurance, compliance with legal requirements and hygiene standards are regarded as a matter of course. A continuous monitoring system from the raw material supplier to end customer guarantees excellent qualities. Our proven control system which was implemented with our partner company guarantees the proper execution of the orders

Factories in Italy (films/foil from reel) 

We work exclusively with strategic partners in Italy that meet the highest quality requirements and have extensive experience in the film/foil in reel industry. All our manufacturers have BRC IOP standard.


CONBUS International LLC 


Stegackerstrasse 26
CH-8409 Winterthur 


Head Office / Postal Address:
Postfach, Haselrain 12
CH-8956 Killwangen 


Tel: +41 56 511 2118
Fax: +41 56 511 2108


Warehouse Switzerland
Fegistrasse 5
CH-8957 Spreitenbach


Warehouse Germany
Alte Spinnerei 1
D-79669 Zell i. W.