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We offer the following methods for lamination: wet lamination (adhesive lamination, and solvent-free), dry lamination and extrusion lamination.

Wet lamination

With wet laminations, the adhesive is applied to one substrate, usually by roller coating or air knife. The coated substrate is then nipped with another substrate, and the resulting laminate may then be left to air dry or passed through a heated oven (tunnel) to remove solvent and build bond strength.

Dry lamination

Dry laminations are those in which the liquid adhesive is first dried before lamination. The adhesive can be either applied to one substrate and dried or it can be applied as a hot melt type of film (essentially another film layer). The adhesive is then in the dry solid or slightly tacky stage when joined with the other substrate.

Exrusion lamination

In this type of lamination PE is used as a laminating agent from the melt. Depending on requirements, the primed to be laminated side (adhesive). Combinations with adhesive lamination and coating are possible.



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